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[St. John's] Transport development (Highways, Airport, and Public Transit)

This Thread is to discuss development in Highways, St. John's International Airport, and Public Transit in the St. John's Area


Airport Authority Unveils its 10-year Vision for Airport Improvements

St. John’s International Airport Authority will invest nearly $150 million in its infrastructure over the next 10 years to support the continued economic growth of the province.
ST. JOHN’S, NL, February 2, 2011 – St. John’s International Airport Authority has announced its 10-year plan for the development and expansion of the international Airport in St. John’s, in response to unprecedented growth in passenger traffic and aircraft movements. This long term capital plan is designed to achieve three main objectives: to ensure the Airport’s facilities have sufficient capacity to meet the existing and the anticipated growth in passenger and aircraft traffic to the year 2020; to provide Airport facilities that meet the highest standards related to safety, security and environmental sustainability; and to enable the expansion of services that will deliver an outstanding Airport experience for all air travelers.
“As the principal gateway to our province, St. John’s International Airport plays a key role in facilitating the growth of our economy. Our primary responsibility as the Airport Authority is to provide safe, secure and efficient facilities that meet the growing needs and expectations of air travelers, as well as our airline partners. We are confident that this long term vision for our Airport’s development and expansion will meet these expectations and will continue to facilitate economic growth in the Avalon Region and the entire province,” said Fraser Edison, Chair of the Board of Directors for the St. John’s International Airport Authority.
The Authority’s long term capital plan, sized at approximately $150 million, will focus on resolving many of the operational constraints that have emerged as passenger traffic growth over the past decade has surpassed the levels for which the Airport was originally designed. This significant growth trend is expected to continue well into the future as the province’s economy continues to expand. Highlights of the improvements include the following:
·Expansion of the Airport Terminal Building
·New Airport Access Road
·Expanded Vehicle Parking Facilities
·Passenger-loading Jet Bridges
·Additional Apron Space
·Ramp Services and Cargo Building
·Airfield Upgrades & Rehabilitation
·Conversion to LED Lighting
read more details at


Transit study recommends increased investment and regional transit service

The St. Johns Transportation Commission released its comprehensive report entitled "Metrobus Market Assessment and Strategic Directions Study" December 13 during a press conference at St. Johns City Hall.

The report, which was developed by independent consulting firm Dillon Consulting Ltd., recommended improvements to service levels, transit terminal facilities and technology through increased investment. It also encourages the province to work with municipalities to establish an appropriate public transit service for the entire region.

"This report provides us with a strategic approach for the future of public transit in St. John's and in the region as a whole," says St. Johns Councillor At Large Tom Hann, chair of the St. Johns Transportation Commission. "We must invest in our public transit and take a more regional approach to dealing with our transportation issues. We are calling on the provincial and federal governments to take the lead on this issue. We hope to engage the province in a dialogue on the need for regional public transit and we also need the federal government to step forward and develop a national public transportation policy."

Dillon Consulting Ltd. was contracted in 2010 by Metrobus Transit to look at the reasons behind ridership stagnation in recent years, as well as to identify growth opportunities and recommend strategic directions for the transit agency.

"We know there are challenges ahead of us," says Metrobus Transit General Manager Judy Powell. "With a new depot opening this year and a commitment for new buses over the next few years, we are confident that we are moving in the right direction to meet the needs of our customers and develop strong relationships with our future riders."

The report identifies urban sprawl and the suburbanization of the population as leading to ridership stagnation, as well as contributing to the issues surrounding downtown parking in St. Johns and traffic congestion in the region.

"The City of St. Johns continues to grow at a rapid pace, as does the entire region," says Councillor Hann. "The population of the suburbs has increased 70 to 90 per cent since 1981 which shows that we must begin to look at a regional public transit service."

The report also identifies that with an aging population, the need to invest in fully accessible equipment, as well as terminal and bus stop upgrades is very important to the long-term viability of the public transit service. The senior population is expected to grow to 30 per cent by 2026 and is expected to have a major impact on conventional and para-transit services in the region.

A full copy of the report is available at

The Essential Transit Association:
Metrobus website:

MOUNT PEARL TRANSIT Let's Talk Transit - Public Transit Study
The City of Mount Pearl has commissioned a study to assess the current transit services, to determine the type and level of transit services and to examine options for the City’s future. Dillon Consulting is conducting the study and will make recommendations for a future action plan. The study will include an assessment of conventional transit provided by Metrobus, paratransit services for persons with disabilities and taxi cab services.

The success of this study is dependent on input from the community. Whether or not you use public transit, these services are an important municipal investment and there needs to be a clear direction moving forward on how to best serve the needs of Mount Pearl residents and employers and we need to hear from you...

It is anticipated that the transit study will be completed by May, 2012.

Team Gushue:

CBS Bypass:

Team Gushue Highway completion

It is from the Canadian Environmental Assessment page;

"Project Description (as posted in the Notice of Commencement)
The Team Gushue Highway project will begin at the existing interchange on Kenmount Road, linking to the completed 2.3 km Bifurcation Road between the Outer Ring Road (the Trans-Canada Highway) and Kenmount Road.

The project will terminate at the existing interchange between Commonwealth Avenue, Goulds Bypass, and Pitts Memorial Drive. In addition, a connector road, Pennywell Extension, will start at the intersection of the Old and New Pennywell Roads and end at a new interchange/intersection with the Team Gushue Highway just south of the Old Pennywell Road.

The scope of work to be undertaken consists of the following components: - 7.1 km of four-lane divided, controlled access highway (100 km/hr max.), 1.5 km of a two-lane connector road (Pennywell Extension), and two (2) drainage culverts at Kitty Gaul's Brook and Flynn's Brook;

- Six new interchanges/intersections constructed to connect with existing roads at the following locations: (i)Twinning of the Kenmount Road Overpass - $1,900,000;
(ii)Pennywell Extension - $1,800,000;
(iii)Captain Whelan Drive/George's Pond Road - $1,800,000;
(iv)Topsail Road - $5,500,000;
(v)Brookfield Road (east of Pearltown Road) - $3,000,000; and (vi)Brookfield Road between Heavy Tree Road and Tobin's Road.
- Two (2) non-connecting overpasses over the Old Pennywell Road and Blackmarsh Road; and, - A long span culvert at the Waterford River.

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