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Originally Posted by Randomguy34 View Post
Better question, how come NY gets to have threads for 38 stories but for Chicago it has to be 50 floors?
I don't get why Chicago has that limit. I think anything over 350 feet is fair game. The 50 floor limit is inane, especially when Texas cities have threads for 12 floor structures or even Canadian cities such as Hamilton or U.S. cities such as Philly. At least the NYC ones aim for 350 ft>.

If anything, more threads for Chicago projects over 300 feet would be nice given the amount of focus Chicago gets on SSP. And the architecture tends to be nice.

Now if Chicago threads are made mindlessly for anything thats proposed, thats silly. But given the local members, the photographers, and general interest for Chicago, they would be lively which anybody could tell just looking at the posts for any typical thread.

Given the traffic that any Chicago thread receives, the limit should be much lower. Less macro management via the Chicago compilation, and more micromanagement on individual projects (better info access and organization). Which is why threads for any Chicago project over 30 floors would work.