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Originally Posted by drumz0rz View Post
I went opening night. I want to Echo exactly what NY Guy say.

First, the lines outside. Skip them. Here's a pro-tip for how to visit:

What they want you to do is queue on Vessey street, until they open one of two queues (ex. 7:00pm and 7:15pm) where you then wait in another line before entering and descending to yet another line. You can skip both by entering from the West street tunnel entrance (the tunnel linking the PATH to the Financial Center / Brookfield Place) at your designated arrival time.

I didn't realize that until I was on my way out. Had totally forgotten about the concourse entrance to this building.

Next, all the damn people sitting in the window really killed it for me.

Here is a photo of the observation deck in 2 WTC:

Source: C.Y.Leow

The way they did it was perfect. You could sit and face out the window, you could get up close, or you could stand behind and see above the people next to the windows. There were also places to sit.

The new One World Observatory has none of those things. So instead you have hundreds of tourists who camp out in a window and just sit there... They sit on their phones texting and not even looking outside.

Exactly. What was their purpose for going up if not to enjoy the view?

Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
can someone do a seperate full thread of the observation deck experience and views? thanks
I'll post some photos and clips in a separate thread for the deck.
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