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I suppose, Tina Keeper isn't a household name. I don't think Shelly Glover can be aptly depicted as a prop-candidate. I'll grant you Kennerd and Steen. However, in Manitoba - more so vivid at the provincial level - we elect nobody. We just kick people out. I still contend that Doer has never been elected. We booted Filmon out, and Doer was left as the best flavour, with no replacement yet available, and thus on Broadway he will remain. Federally, people in Winnipeg South tired of Reg Alcock. You can argue that he spent time away - and that certainly hurt him - but Conservative MP's in Alberta spend much of the election a long way from their territory. Alcock was ousted because he was there a long time and because people in Winnipeg South tired of the Liberal brand. I don't think on any level people can contend that Rod Bruinooge is in ANY way a stronger candidate than Alcock. I actually like John Loewen, and detest to great lengths Bruinooge's concrete anti-abortionist stance. However, I'm a huge fan of Harper and will be voting for the brand. Thus, to come full circle, even though Trevor Kennerd doesn't offer too much political experience I was hoping the Winnipeg South Centre riding (of which a portion of it is very affluent) would tire of a perceptively weak Liberal leader and a party that in my opinion appears to ignore the interests of the West, and instead cast their ballot Tory Blue. In this equation, having a recognizeable name never hurt anyone. Alas, it is how Sam Katz got into City Hall.
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