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Originally Posted by markbarbera View Post
Nowhere in the exchange were staff thrown "under the bus".
Not in the exchange, no. But he does in his email where he again says:

Here's a falsehood published by Lee Prokaska…"wouldn't have come up had Mayor Bob Bratina not decided late last year to give Peggy Chapman, his chief of staff, a 33 per cent raise, ". This is blatantly not true. I made no such decision, but left the matter of compensation, as I have said over and over, to the outcome of a review by Human Resources.

He's saying human resources gave her the raise. We've been down this road before.

But here's mayor Bratina's statement from December:
...I made comments regarding the salary adjustment given my Chief of Staff that left the impression that the initiative originated in the Human Resources Department. This was not the case
The issue of salary review for this office is, of course, my responsibility as mayor. While I did seek comparative historical information from Human Resources and while I acted on the basis of that information, it was not my intention to suggest that the final approval was anyone’s other than my own.
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