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Originally Posted by osmo View Post
i agree with you 100% honestly cincy dropped the ball with there ballpark.. its ugly.. faces the wrong side and looks cheapish.. like it was rushed or something..pual brown stadium looks very nice and has a future-ish kind of look.. GAballpark.. looks like a crappy minor league park.. that was one of the last retro style parks and it just look like it got on the trend to late.. bush stadium turned out great but i feel that has been in planing for a long time and im sure they had a insane amount of funds to work with... im happy the new twins park and nationals park in DC are jumping off the retro trend

pittsburgh,san franscisco,and baltimore,seattle got it right.. they rest are ugly IMO for the retro styled parks
Paul Brown is great, its just a shame it hosts the Bengals...

On the plus side, there's been talk of building an arena either near or in the same spot where the Broadway Commons ballpark was planned. The city hopes it'll be a shot in the arm for Over-the-Rhine, and with the Main Street bars only a few blocks away, it might actually work, especially after concerts and whatnot. Maybe someone like the Bearcats could jump on board, but I doubt they'd leave Fifth/Third Arena (built in 1989).

Still, with Riverfront Coliseum (US Bank Arena, renovated about ten years ago), Cincinnati Gardens, the Cintas Center (Xavier University), and Fifth/Third Arena (UC), its not like Cincinnati has a dearth of indoor sporting venues.
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