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Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
If only that was true. Unfortunately, it isn't. Older, more classy buildings are one by one replaced by more banal and many cases, ugly new buildings with exposed floorplates, AC vents, cheap wiggly glass, balconies, blank walls, etc. Stuff you don't even see in third world countries now.

With a few exceptions, most of the new stuff are poorer in design and material than those found in many other cities.

If the new stuff we're getting now is what the future holds, then give me 1939 New York instead.

What is so sad is that none of those ugly-ass buildings face any obstacles from anyone but the minute someone proposes something beautiful, everyone and their uncle comes out against it.

The stupid people of this city don't deserve this tower. Hines should build a squat box and be done with it. Sick of this city already.
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