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Originally Posted by Laceoflight View Post
|| Running shoes (pronounce : rénille chouzes in the worst case) or just Souliers ||
I'd say "espadrille" for sneakers/running shoes is very common in Quebec too. That's what my kids and all of their friends call them. And when we get notes from school about what's needed for gym class, it's always the word "espadrille" that is used. Signage in shops also reflects this.

As you probably know, in France an "espadrille" isn't that at all. It generally refers to a type of light canvas footwear. Like you might wear on a summer day.

In France, sneakers/running shoes/espadrilles are known as "baskets".

The slow and subtle internationalization of the French spoken in Quebec has led "baskets" to gain some traction here, but it's still not what most people say. Even if most everyone is familiar with the term.
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