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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
A retail place of business is actually somewhere in between the public and private spheres. I can choose to invite only black people or no black people to my house, but I can't do that with my bar or my restaurant. I don't need an accessible ramp at my house but will likely need one for my business.

It's just your opinion that such requirements that might be related to language are unacceptable. It's not a hard and fast rule written down anywhere.
The examples you mentioned are because those things (human rights, handicapped accessibility) are regulated by government. To my knowledge, the language that companies conduct their business in is not. And for good reason... regulating it would be meddling for no legitimate public purpose (unlike equality and accessibility).

So if there are no such requirements, how can a business be faulted for making a perfectly legitimate choice that it is entitled to make?
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