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Thanks! Making Textures isnt that hard, Its very simple, just draw a part of a building that can pattern on paint then upload it. My Textures arent very complicated.

And foxmtbr (or Patrick ) Its also easy and kinda fun to make Billboards. Most of my Billboards have pictures of real cities with some corporate name on it. Here are a few.

^Those made up corporate names are easy to think of like Jenkin's and Associates or Galviston Enterprises.

And some billboards are just made up stores and companies, that are simpler,

^Those made up companies are basicly parodies of real company names like Lacy's (Macy's) HITtv (Mtv)

Another thing that helped me was Getty Images, a great stock photo website that has pictures of almost everything, this is where I got my business people pictures and Times Square Billboards.

And Here is the latest shot of Staunton Square.

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