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Originally Posted by brian.odonnell20 View Post
well, its not a prophecy... do you seriously think mumbai or dubai are going to have half the occupation for any of the towers they build? I mean, the only way they went up in the first place were because of cheap loans, mass debt, and notoriety. The developers aren't doing this to fulfill economic needs. If they were doing that, there would be highrises and shops all up and down the city. But no, there are still slums and piles of shit everywhere. They think adding all these supertalls are going to increase the quality and standard of living overnight. The worst though, is probably the supertall hotels the developers want. They must be absolutely crazy if they ever think these projects make any sound financial sense whatsoever. Theres a reason why dubai is in a recession right now, mainly because none of the towers are even remotely paying themselves off. And I can guarantee you as long as mumbai has this mindset, the city is never going to prosper. It might look nice from a distance, where you can't recognize how empty all the skyscrapers are and all the slums, but that's about it. Your welcome for the guarantee.
cool political rant. to bad this was a skyscraper form hey?
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