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Funny, neither YXE flight has been officially announced, and Regina's mayor is already irritable. I don't think that looks too good, but I guess civic rivalries are what they are... FWIW, I think YXE getting those flights puts YQR in a better position to attract them next. Since there's no official announcement it's hard to say what's in it - but I wouldn't even have been surprised if WJ started LAS service to both cities.

The LAS flight would likely be low frequency and seasonal, and as much as I don't care for Vegas myself, I think the route will do reasonably well.

I'm kind of surprised by the DEN-YXE route. Airlines are starting to batten down the hatches for a rough ride in the next while, and the schedule shows 2x daily - a fair bit of capacity to put into an unproven market in one lump. It will probably take a lot of passengers away from the YYC connections, but even so 100 seats per day works out to an annual capacity of 36,500 seats each way, or 73,000 seats total - about 7% of YXE's traffic. I also wonder why they're starting the route after Labour Day - ie- after the peak summer travel season.

Originally Posted by Greco Roman View Post
Winnipeg won't be seeing any enhancements to it's flight services until the new terminal is complete in about 1.5 years.
Not drastic changes, but Winnipeg just got a 4th daily Denver flight added to the schedule, and one of the Chicago flights was upgauged to a slightly larger aircraft.
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