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Originally Posted by Arts View Post
I think the document is quite thorough, biggest problem I see is convincing people it is reliable (given the kinds of labor tactics we see firsthand today) and effective (shouldn't take an hour and a half to get from a residential area to another on the other side of town).

They want to get ridership up from 4% of the total population to 8%, and peak ridership from 10% to 25%, don't see how that can ever happen until its more convenient than driving, so until the surface parking lots are converted to actual desinations that won't happen - and I don't think that necessary lines up with the 30 year timeline. I also don't think the solution should ever be to penalize drivers.

I am convinced BRT is the only way to go, unless the city happens to acquire any of the existing railway corridors, don't think CN is planning on the expense of vacating anytime soon? BRT is the only way I see the transition of current route planning (large loops that all terminate downtown) to the future proposed one you showed (smaller loops that terminate on the RT backbone). The way they utilize the "DART" buses now is akin to a mini RT system, but until the ridership and capacity is up, it just isn't that feasible to upgrade these existing major transit corridors.
I really have to agree. What they should do even before that is have dedicated. Bus services to major terminals only too and from down to cut down on times. Run them every 15 minutes all day. Confed to Dt, Lawson to Dt, collage to Dt, center mall to dt to name a few routes

It would take me over an hour and 20 minutes to get to school at the best of times, I lived in pacific heights at the time. Home was a different story I wish I could say 2 hours but more often then not it was three. In my first 2 years I took the bus and almost every other day i was stranded at school waiting for a "dart" bus to to take me home or worse strand me down town becuase it was the drivers last run of the day and they didnt bother to send another bus until 6:30. I drove. I had more important things to do than wait around for crappy bus service. I could get to school park on 14th and walk to class in 25 minutes and then get home in the same time.

Sorry for the rant. I hate the city buses.
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