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Originally Posted by biggerhigherfaster View Post
This has been the slowest moving project in SF. It took over 5 years to approve (because of opposition from Four Seasons among others), took forever to "break ground," and if you trace back two pages in this thread, you'll see that they barely made any progress over the past year. It seems like they're still preparing the site and demo'ing the existing structures -- they haven't really even started excavating. Not sure of the developers are anticipating the next downturn or reduced demand. But at this rate, we're looking at a 2020-21 completion date for a project that was talked about in the early 2010s. It's not like this project is that big -- it's a skinny 500 ft tower.
It's a rather unique site in several respects: (1) the preservation/reuse of the corner building and (2) the presence of existing deep foundations designed and built for a different design.

I suspect the time has been taken in painstaking preparation of all the existing constructions on the site for actual construction of the new project.
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