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So basically, this is bad. I love the fact that Milwaukee's getting two highrises, but this whole situation smells really rotten to me. First off, plans for Kilbourn Tower have, to my knowledge, been around as long as plans for the UCT. On top of that, Kilbourn's designs have most definately been available for a longer period of time than UCT's - MUCH longer, actually. Taking that into consideration, does it strike anyone else odd that UCT should plan for a large portion of their northern facade - the one facing Kilbourn Tower - should be a blank wall? Hmmmm...sounds like someone's playing dirty. Of course UCT is fine with the distance...their residents don't have to look at concrete.

And I think we have a winner for the "Most Asinine Comment of the Year": Mandel also said placing a high-rise on Marshall St., where it would be next to low-rise buildings, would amount to bad urban planning.

Bad urban planning?'re sticking one big wall right next to another, genius. In a city like Milwaukee with aaaaaaall this open land, I think that could be considered bad planning as well.
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