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A couple of years ago I was surprised when I discovered the origin of Empire State Building's roots being traced back to Pennsylvania and Indiana. These placewere also responsible for the cladding and steel we see today on some other buildings like Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, Tribune Tower etc.. I use to visit some friends in Bedford located just south of Indianapolis. I learned that the Bedford Indiana Limestone Co. was where ESB's cladding came from and that they even offer tours of the Empire State Building quary where it was cut from. Everytime I look at the building it's like seeing part of Indiana on the face of it but on other hand Bethlehem,Pa is where some of the building's steel (skeleton) came from. The Empire State Building is a true marvel and will be for many generations to come.

Interesting facts:

60,000 tons of steel was brought in from the steel mills in Pennsylvania (mainly Bethlehem area), 310 miles away, by train, barges and trucks.
generations to come.

"The Empire Quarry" (known as the craddle of ESB)
it's a long way me. Wash DC's Pentagon quarry is somewhere near by too.

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