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Originally Posted by cactus22minus1 View Post
Wow, very interesting information... I had no idea. I went to Indiana University in Bloomington which is very nearby. BILC is right off of 37, no?
Yes..the main entrance is just right off 37 just before you hit 50. Yeah, as I was driving my truck over the top of Throg's Neck Bridge (I-295) tonight on my way towards Brentwood (Long Island) I noticed the Empire State Building still had it's holiday colors lit up on it. When I head out tonight after picking up a load of 15,000 lbs worth of napkins to take to Ohio I'm going to cut back across into Brooklyn via I-278 to get a closer view of ESB and the rest of Manhattan. Then cross over the Verrazano into Staten Island for a shot of downtown. Unfortunately, NY law prohibits semi truck thru traffic into Manhattan. The fines are...well, I wouldn't want to find out even though I would like to see ESB really close up. I frequently come to the NY area so next time I will have to take a couple of days off and take the train in from across the river.

Can any of you in NY tell me if there are any trains out of New Rochelle or Union City,NJ? These are possible areas on where I may park my truck and catch a cab to take a train into the city. I pretty much live over the road as a truck driver. just wondering
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