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Winston-Salem's metro area is very beautiful. Saurtown Mountains is the name for the entire mountain range; which includes the highest point (Moore's Knob) in the Winston-Salem metro area. These are the mountains you see in the background (to the north) from different places around the city. There is a Saurtown Mountain (second tallest mountain in Winston-Salem's metro area) in the Saurtown Range, but it has TV and radio towers at the top. I'm not sure if they will allow you to go to the top of it? Pilot Mountain and Hanging Rock State Park are the main attractions people visit. This is also where the Dan River is located.

Wake Forest University students will like this: University Parkway is State Route 66, which takes you to both downtown and the Saurtown Mountains! To visit Hanging Rock, take University Parkway north and keep driving. If you're going to Hanging Rock, look for Moores Spring Road. It will appear as a fork, when you're in the mountains. The best route to visit Pilot Mountain is U.S. 52 (John Gold Expressway) north. You'll see a sign telling you where to exit (Pilot Mountain State Park). Pilot Mountain is the easiest and fastest mountain to visit, due to being on the city's main north-south expressway.

Hanging Rock State Park:

Pilot Mountain State Park

During the time when Winston-Salem was the state's largest and richest city; Hanging Rock was about to become a massive upscale mountain resort. The Great Depression ended those plans, with the developers filing for bankruptcy and the Winston-Salem Foundation stepping-in to save Hanging Rock from future developers. The Winston-Salem Foundation donated Hanging Rock to the state in 1936, to become a state park.

There are several waterfalls at Hanging Rock State Park. More than what I've posted here. There is also a beach and cabins. The beach isn't crowded.




This is what it looks like from the Winston-Salem city limits:

Hanging Rock State Park from South Main Street in Konnoak Hills (southern end of the city, looking north)

Credit: Angel Fuentes

For Our Friends at Wake Forest University: (Pilot Mountain and Wake Forest Campus)

Credit: Mark Moser

Someone should post this in the City Topography Photo Thread!
My Diagram.

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