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College Quarter is a long term development project by the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. It combines new student residences with sports and academic facilities, an arts and cultural centre, and commercial and mixed-use development to help integrate it into the adjacent neighbourhood. The College Quarter Greenway links it all to the main campus.

The first buildings, the Undergraduate Student Residences, and Graduate House, along with the first phase of the Greenway represent the first steps in this project. See College Quarter Master Plan.

Originally posted in Saskatoon Construction:

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I went to check out progress at College Quarter, including the fantastic new Graduate House, and the first phase of the College Quarter Greenway.

IMG_4603 by echoes320, on Flickr

IMG_4602 by echoes320, on Flickr

IMG_4607 by echoes320, on Flickr

IMG_4610 by echoes320, on Flickr

IMG_4619 by echoes320, on Flickr

IMG_4620 by echoes320, on Flickr

What's most exciting is that this new urban street has begun to emerge where only a couple of years ago there was just an open field:

IMG_4614 by echoes320, on Flickr

IMG_4609 by echoes320, on Flickr
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