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Originally Posted by HomeInMyShoes View Post
A great building from an era -- the 70s -- that people love to slam for giving us nothing of value architecturally.
I prefer older style bldgs, e.g. Art-Deco, Beaux-Art, but Citigroup is definitely a symbol of NYC. Even with its simple lines, it still evokes urban sophistication. I like the reflective glass and the paneling. In the past, I'd sit on the little wall, that runs from the west entrance (where St. Pete's is), leaning against the building with a snack.

I read somewhere that located beneath the slant, is a large steel sphere. It acts as a counterweight for, when the tower sways in the wind, the sphere equalizes the sway by rolling in the opposite direction. How that works exactly, I don't know, but that's one way to keep "fragile" types from freaking at work.
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