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Great pictures! I do have to take issue with the phrase "almost everything is walkable" though. I was born and raised in the neighborhood southwest of Table Mesa and Broadway, near Fairview High School if anybody is familiar with the area. This part of Boulder is most certainly not "walkable." The local, strip-mall style King Soopers and associated retail was about 20-30 minutes on foot from my house; and that's just the edge of the neighborhood. In fact, if you remove the tunnel vision outside of pre-war Boulder (Downtown, CU, The Hill, and the area around the hospital), the vast majority of town is actually a bit of a suburban nightmare.

And yeah... the bus system is better than 90% of America, but ironically growing up in Boulder taught me to dislike buses rather than to love them. From South Boulder it can take you 30-45 minutes to get to Pearl st. on the bus when you factor in walking time and waiting time. The same trip in the car is about 10 mins. My family NEVER took the bus, and the only time I ever really rode it was as an adolescent. When I turned 16, I cashed in my eco-pass for a driver's license and never looked back; and it certainly wasn't because my hometown was so "walkable."