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Originally Posted by allovertown View Post
Not an efficient use of space? Haha wow. It's going to be the tallest building in America outside of NYC and Chicago! They really need to jam another tower on the property to get McBane approval for efficient use of space?

I think they've used their space just fine, there are plenty of other places they could build another tower.
Settle down fella. I'm not sure what you read in my post that leads you to believe that I don't approve of the current setup or that I think another tower must absolutely be placed on that site.

I just merely musing that, with a bit more forethought, Comcast/Liberty could have left space for a second tower on that site and in doing so, could have avoided the need to buy more land and dig another foundation while at the same time making double use of the Suburban Station connection and keeping their campus as close together as possible. A second tower could easily fit on the site without appearing "jammed" in. Heck, in NY, they'd fit three towers here. The height really has nothing to do with what I was even talking about.
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