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In response to all the talk about why more room wasn't left for another tower, I think BenKatzPhillytoParis nailed it. The FAR for this site is already maxed out I'm pretty sure, so if Comcast had decided to move the CITC to one side of the lot in order to leave room for another tower, they would have either had to dramatically reduce the height of CITC or reduce the floor plate to the point where it wouldn't really work as Class A/Trophy office space. So I think we can blame zoning on this one.

It sure would be swell if zoning allowed for almost unrestricted density in the very core of the city, but the tower we're getting is pretty spectacular all the same. I'm just happy that it appears as though the base meets the sidewalk on all sides. Plazas are great, but it's beginning to be a bit over saturated with plazas in that area.

Originally Posted by philatonian View Post
Before Comcast Center was built, there was nothing in Center City like it. Every other skyscraper butts right up to the sidewalk. Comcast used the footprint for another skyscraper on very pricy land to build a large plaza to showcase their presence.
Not to nitpick, but the Bell Atlantic tower to the north does the same thing. It's just that the Bell Atlantic Tower's Plaza is in what we think of as the back of the building and isn't anywhere close to as well done or prominent as Comcast's. I think Comcast Center's plaza really works well.
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