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Originally Posted by Insoluble View Post
Not to nitpick, but the Bell Atlantic tower to the north does the same thing. It's just that the Bell Atlantic Tower's Plaza is in what we think of as the back of the building and isn't anywhere close to as well done or prominent as Comcast's. I think Comcast Center's plaza really works well.
Oh, you're right, I completely forgot about that. I guess why I notice Comcast's plaza so much is it breaks up the long stretch of high-rises along JFK, whereas BA faces a smaller street. I'm surprised I forgot about that, the Bell tower is probably my favorite Center City skyscraper.

Yeah, Comcast's plaza really works well. It's going to be interesting to see how something as tall will feel sidled right up to the Sterling and the smaller Arch Street without a plaza. I haven't seen any street-level renderings that don't really wide-angle the image.
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