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Originally Posted by jonesrmj View Post
So it seems like many people are saying that all these apartments in Wilmington are supposedly in the path to help Wilmington with offices. But how? Yes we want to work hard to gain population and to get rid of crime, but these apartments seem to be doing none of that. I'm just so confused. I also wonder when do you think Wilmington could see another office boom?
Because if people live in a place, eventually they'll want to work there too.

In Philly, the residential multi-family market in many ways preceded the office market. Yes, Philly has always had a large CBD but only in recent years have you seen companies opening branch offices (mostly from the suburbs) explicitly because they are having a hard time attracting talent. Explicitly, they acknowledge, there are certain people (usually young tech talent) who literally refuse to commute to the suburbs for work.

There was a time, not that long ago, where many buildings in Center City had no life above street level. Where literally, there was a store (or a restaurant) on the ground floor and nothing above. I think today, you'd be hard pressed to find a building without residential on the top floors literally anywhere in Center City.

So if you make Wilmington a more attractive place to live, the rest will follow.
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