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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
170 units but only 92 parking spaces? So just a little over half of the residents have the option of owning a car?

Is that normal? I've heard all the talk that urban dwellers don't need cars and don't want cars but is that an actuality in Halifax? Or, does it simply mean that those who can't get spaces will rent spaces nearby.

The reason I ask is that I don't think Halifax is a big enough city to offer that fulfilling of an urban experience... yet. Maybe 20 years down the road when it is built up a little more, and the transit system is (hopefully) better, but for now how many people centralize their lives around a few square kilometers of Halifax's urban core?
A no-car condo was built in Calgary last year, and that city is significantly less urban-scaled than Halifax (at least, central Halifax). If they can do it there they can do it here. I live in the Hydrostone, and the only reason I have a car is because my girlfriend works in Amherst several days a week. If it weren't for that we'd ditch the car in a second. It's ridiculously expensive and totally unnecessary for our day-to-day life in the city.

That would be even more true on SGR. I think that in this one neighbourhood, at least, it's as easy to go car-less as in pretty much anywhere in Canada.
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