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2017_03_15 Walking Tour

I took a brief walk after work today to try and capture some recent development. Because it was so bitterly cold, it quickly turned into more of a driving tour than a walking tour. Anyway, below are some photos of current projects under construction in Kalamazoo and Portage, along with a few recently-completed projects. While walking and driving, I saw several projects that I forgot to include in the original project rundown, so I will be updating that shortly.

Please forgive the low image quality; I took these photos on my iPhone 4, and it was getting near dusk, and I was in motion for most of them. But, enough excuses!

The Foundry
600 E. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo
(Phase 1, Under Construction)

Front View

Back View

The People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo
507 Harrison St, Kalamazoo
(Opened 2011)

Old Douglass Community Center Building
NW corner of N. Pitcher and E. Ransom Streets, Kalamazoo

Not development, but hopefully being restored and repurposed soon.

Here's the same structure, in the 1960s:

Image Source:

Ministry with Community
440 N. Church St.
(Completed 2016)

Front View

Back View

This wonderful old Art Deco structure is right next door to the mothballed Old Douglass Community Center Building, and across the street from the new Ministry with Community.

New RX Optical Headquarters
S. Park St, Kalamazoo
(Under Construction)

New Family Health Center
Alcott St. - Edison Neighborhood, Kalamazoo
(Under Construction)

Portage Memory Care Living Facility
710 E. Centre Ave, Portage
(Under Construction)

Front View

Back View

Walmart Expansion
8350 Shaver Rd, Portage
(Under Construction)

Building Addition

New Pump Station

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