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Goin' Down to South Park...

No, not the one in Colorado. This is the pleasant neighborhood in San Francisco's SOMA district. South Park has had a long and interesting history, from exclusive mansions in the mid-19th century, to a working class neighborhood destroyed by the 1906 Earthquake, up to its latest incarnations as first a dotcom hub, and now a Web 2.0 magnet.

The actual park is one of those hidden gems that the typical visitor never sees, making it seem even more special when you do stumble upon it. Anyway, I had some business in the area on Wednesday, so I took a stroll around the park and snapped a few photos. I hope you enjoy this brief tour.

This will give you an idea of the location and what a nice oasis this park is (image courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle):

You can see why it's easy to miss. This is what you see walking down Second St.:

If you don't see that little street sign, you'll miss it altogether.

But once you turn the corner...

It's a popular spot for the lunch crowd:

Much of the park is surrounded with residential and commercial over restaurants and cafes:

There is a bit of modern architecture sprinkled here and there too:

At the other end of the urban living spectrum, there is One Rincon Hill in the distance:

At the Second Street end of South Park is an old warehouse that was just converted to condos and lofts. I didn't see the inside but am told it's a high quality project:

I hope you enjoyed the tour. In appreciation for staying through to the end, I give you early morning over the Bay Bridge:

I guess it's really under the bridge, but you know...
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