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Originally Posted by BTinSF View Post
During the dot-com days (1998 - 2000) it was really jumping--right in the center of the action. By 2002, it was kind of deserted, but judging by the pictures things are picking up again. Just hope the recession I think we are about to have doesn't hit it too hard.
So true, BT. They're all saying the right things this time ("we're being more responsible with the seed money," "learned our lesson," etc.) but I hope they're doing the right things too. Do you remember the guy from one of those failed dotcoms who dumped a truckload of tumbleweed in South Park around 2002 or so? What a fitting image that was at the time. At least he kept his sense of humor!

Originally Posted by EastSideHBG View Post
I LOVE hidden treasures like that!
Same here. Lately, I've been exploring a lot of the hidden courtyards you find between buildings in the Financial DIstrict. I love finding little meandering mid-block paths. I found a really good (and relatively cheap) deli by doing that the other day. Thanks for the compliment!
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