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Originally Posted by ZeDgE View Post
Electoral college won Obama the election, double standards at work.

Perhaps you should round them all up and put them in prison. Make them wear badges in public. Total thought control and assimilation or else. Does this only apply to white people or anyone who does not conform?

You cant control peoples thoughts.. pretty sure the constitution protects individual liberty, a persons right to free will and to live their life how they see fit within the law. Which is what a true liberal believes. Or used to anyway.. That includes people with different points of view. If their views are extreme and they break the law they will be dealt with accordingly. It seems some on the left are hell bent on turning us into some totalitarian society where everyone must think and act the same. Kind of ironic since that what they accuse the right of trying to do. Both sides are insane as far as I'm concerned.

My Dad was a WW2 vet who fought Nazis, pretty sure this is not what they fought for.
Obama's Electoral College results did not reflect his wins in terms of the popular vote?
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