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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
The hysterical posture of the social justice warriors and the identity politics crew doesn't help things, it's true. It has served to alienate much of the white working class who should be the Democrats' base. This is a real problem. But the asinine stupidity and the attendant ills it's causing in American society are so asymmetrical they verge on caricature.

In case people forget how sinister the menace of right wing perfidy is in the U.S., the most ignoble list ever assembled in U.S. politics makes it plain: Reagan - Bush II - Palin - Trump.

This is not "many sides." And what happened in Charlottesville wasn't either. Christ! Nazis? Seriously? You go out to protest Nazis, there's inevitably violence, and there's a problem with hate on "many sides"?

Here's the thing: theoretically the alt-right racist scumbags could have had their little march and they could have been ignored, and theoretically that could have diminished their impact. In theory. Because maybe the alt-right is just a minor boil on the body politic that will resolve itself after a while.

Is that theory reasonable? Can you just "ignore the trolls"? Well, you have to ask yourself: why did so many people, not just the "antifa" crew or whoever they are, feel the need to protest against the white nationalists? Was it just an overwrought overreach in our age of identity politics, or did they recognize that this emboldened and growing fringe needs to be checked at every turn?

I think it's the latter.

Great post. The people who are saying "both sides" are a problem, are also part of the problem

For example - how dare this guy go out and protest people who are against his very existence:
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