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Originally Posted by VSRJ View Post
I don't think they should be allowed to touch anything until they've pulled permits. This group, as good as their intentions may be, have been leading the city on for 10+ years now. Sure, a portion of that time was during the recession. But since the recession, just about once a year, they come forward with some update/design change/quote/etc. It's ridiculous. Either build it, or don't. I don't understand their strategy.

And for the love of Elvis, Memphis does not need any more "boutique" hotels.

I agree on One Beale-- I understand things like this are costly but hell just build the apartment tower alone since they've come out and said the hotel/office is the tricky part with costs etc, still hopeful since they have bought the adjacent property but still have doubts since the "new" plans since the recession came out what 3 years ago?

And at least this latest hotel is farther down Beale so would be good to extend-- BUT-- again with the track record have doubts on actual "action" vs plans.
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