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IMPROVE Act Addresses Backlogged Shelby County Projects
By Patrick Lantrip/ Memphis Daily News

While the Tennessee Department of Transportation will distribute the funds across the state, there are 20 major projects in Shelby County that TDOT has committed to, but not funded, totaling roughly $583 million. At the top of the local list is a much-needed proposed upgrade to Lamar Avenue from south of Shelby Drive to the Raines Road/Perkins Road interchange, which carries a price tag of $125.3 million. In fact, improvements to the often-bottlenecked Lamar account for five of the 20 projects, with a total cost of $252 million.

Shelby County Projects Included in the IMPROVE Act
1. $125.3 million: Lamar Avenue from south of Shelby Drive to Raines/Perkins Road interchange
2. $81.4 million: Lamar Avenue from Raines Road/Perkins Road interchange to Getwell Road
3. $51 million: Interstate 240 from I-55 to I-40 near Midtown
4. $47 million: I-40 from Germantown Road to one mile east of Canada Road
5. $42 million: Lamar Avenue from Mississippi state line to south of Shelby Avenue
6. $42 million: I-240 interchange at Airways Boulevard
7. $40 million: I-40 from one mile east of Canada Road to Collierville-Arlington Road: $40 million
8. $35.4 million: Summer Avenue from north of Sycamore View Road to north of Elmore Road
9. $28.3 million: Summer Avenue from I-40 to north of Sycamore View Road
10. $20 million: Austin Peay Highway from east of Kerrville-Rosemark Road to Tipton County line
11. $20 million: Austin Peay Highway from Paul Barrett Parkway to east of Kerrville-Rosemark Road
12. $15.5 million: Elvis Presley Boulevard from Craft Road to Shelby Drive
13. $9 million: I-269 expansion from I-40 to Mississippi state line
14. $6.6 million: Thomas Street bridge over overflow
15. $4 million: Tenn. 385 expansion between mile markers 7 and 15
16. $3.6 million: Thomas Street bridge over CNIC railroad
17. $3.4 million: Lamar Avenue bridge over ramps from I-240 and Tenn. Route 4 (Lamar)
18. $3.2 million: Jackson Avenue bridge over Harrison Creek
19. $2.7 million: U.S. 70/79 bridge over Clear Creek
20. $2.1 million: Poplar Avenue bridge over Cypress Creek
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