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Actually there are people talking about urbanizing the burbs (maybe not here though). I agree about no more farmland or open land built upon. It should be a state-wide thing. Of course if we did that the burbs would probably become more urbanized. But there's still a lot of room in our downtown for growth. We've had some unfortunate intervention in the past by anti-highrise people and groups like the Old City Assoc. and others which put the kibosh on a more urban environment here.

As far as the things I listed I'd like to see in Natomas instead of continued suburbs. Of course, from a true ecological and sustainable point of view you are right but cities also need fun and have recreational places. An interpretive farm museum can also be actual working farm. I know because I've been to one. Like you said community gardens are a fun hobby and maybe more energy-intensive but don't discount the health of the soul and science is now finding that actually getting one's hands in the soil is healthy for the mind and body. I think sometimes in our attempts to become "green" we lost sight of human needs.

What is going on with Natomas and future building there?
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