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Sorry, I was speaking of lack of flexibility, of opportunities and of social mobility here in France where many of the business communities complain about excessive regulations, as opposed to what the German situation might be today, since the liberal bills they passed over 10 years ago.

BTW, "Liberal" should be understood as very pro-business here, not exactly in the North American meaning of it.

I just thought I had to make it clear. English is only a 2nd language, you know...

Anyway, you'd be wrong to go paranoid about what the French may say. Current feelings about Germany are just mixed over here when it comes to economic policies. Liberals find it great and mention it as a role model to be followed in today's Europe, whereas the French socialists and the loud far left harshly criticize your country. Even some more moderate social democrats are still a bit skeptical in France. That's it.

Otherwise, everyone here likes Germany, huh. It's a fine country, no doubt.
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