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MANILA | Trump Tower at Century City | 250 M | 58 FLOORS

Trump Heads To Manila

Published on 09-09-2011 by

The project isn't actually planned by the famous Trump property company, but rather by a local developer, the Century City Development Corporation on a plot in Makati City, which has come up with the idea of licensing the brand and name from Trump to label their new development with which will be displayed prominently from the top of the tower.

This isn't the first time Century City Developments has tried to cash in on American branding and celebrity, they previously involved Paris Hilton with the Azure Beach Club, the design of which she was allegedly involved with.
The scheme itself features a $150 million budget and a skyscraper of 250 metres with 60 floors. Although largely residential in nature this shows the high floor-to-ceiling heights that residents will be able to enjoy. By comparison luxury towers in London have an average floor-to-floor height of only about 3 metres.

Within will be serviced suites of 57 square metres, and a series of one to four bedroom apartments with the largest boasting 425 square metres of floor space. In all it will add up to 220 residential units.