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Originally Posted by ErickMontreal View Post
If you have something to say to Malek, you ought to come in a place he is allowed to respond...., we are waiting you !
Ha ha I always wondered why montreal had it's own forum. Not that it is that interesting, nothing happens in montreal. Projects get proposed, and nothing ever, ever, ever happens. I miss living in Vancouver. Vancouver can build an entire skytrain line in less time than it takes montreal to fix the escalator at my metro station. I have been living here 4.5 years, one side is FINALLY fixed, the other one they are just starting.

Anyways, I went on, and if I made a post like this one, it would be deleted, by malek. Actually he deleted a bunch of my posts. Any analysis of why montreal is in decline, from high taxes to language laws would be considered "disrespectful to the quebec nationalist viewpoint" . I am for one his forum has "separated" from ours.

Calgary's skyline and vancouver's future renders look AMAZING. Toronto is mindblowing. I wonder sometimes why I have moved to a city that not only is shrinking in population, and is falling apart, but that refuses to admit that there is a problem. We have not had a new office tower since the 70's. If you point this out to a local, they just get defensive and mad. i guess there is no solution in sight.
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