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Originally Posted by CGII
The execution of that Mansard roof is nothing less than offensive.
Agreed. The rest of the building is OK, but that mansard is terrible by any standard. It cheapens the whole thing; makes it look like it came from a Toll Brothers catalog.

Originally Posted by Hed Kandi
If you believe that you can find better examples then what I have already posted, please do!
I think part of the issue here is that according to the rules you specified in the first post of this thread, and then spoke about continuously on the first page, that building does not qualify. It is no more true to traditionalism than this building, and is much less attractive.

You are getting few responses because you have set an impossibly high standard that even you cannot meet consistently.

If you are a little easier going with what you ask for, you will get more and friendlier responses.
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