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Originally Posted by New Brisavoine View Post
Who said I'm not familiar with Brazilian cities? I've got family both in Rio (Barra da Tijuca) and São Paulo (Vila Mariana).
Well, there 645 municipalities in São Paulo state. 39 on the official metro area and 64 in mine definition, which is comparable to the US MSAs. So it get confusing to you. As I said, you might want to expand your definitions to make them comparable.

Originally Posted by krudmonk View Post
world's CSAs
I love CSA definitions, and even though commute figures aren't easily available elsewhere, I try to emulate them (although in a more restrictive way) on Brazilian areas.

Originally Posted by dimondpark View Post
yuriandrade, you should combine Washington DC and Baltimore because they are the same CSA
Yes, I know. I left them apart as Baltimore is too important on its own and I prefer to have data for it. To Washington, I added all the other MSAs of the CSA, minus the Pennsylvania one as it wouldn't make sense as Baltimore was left out.

Until 2011, you can see I did the same with Providence. But as we had the 2012's enlargement, I decided it was time to merge it with Boston.

Originally Posted by fleonzo View Post
Great Work Yuri...and nice illustrations of the maps New Brisa!
Thank you, fleonzo! You're very kind.

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