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Originally Posted by JManc View Post
FL and NC should actually counted under NY since they are mostly made up of NY'ers at this point.
Same with certain parts of NC and SC. Charleston and Raleigh-Durham probably have more Long Islanders and New Jerseyans at this point than Southerners, and I'm pretty sure Charlotte is loaded with Upstate NY and PA folks.

Spent two work weeks in suburban Raleigh this fall, and I swear it's like Long Island relocated to this town called Cary. It's dirt-cheap for NE corridor standards, rather pretty, and tons of high paying tech jobs in companies like SAS. But you have to like brand-new sprawl; there's nothing remotely urban or old.

Not sure if I heard a Southern accent on a white person in two weeks, but I heard NY, Philly and Boston accents. I barely hear NY accents anymore in NY. Probably have to head to FL or NC in the future if you want to hear old-school Brooklynese.
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