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I like it, too. Though, I agree about the 'wall' comments. I wish SLC would put in their code, Maximum width requirements. We have enough building square footage on this tower and Tower 8 that would warrant taller and slender buildings, or incentivize more buildings with smaller footprints.

About the design, I like how they incorporated the existing glass cylinder/rotundas and let that influence the form of the building. And, I like that it is mostly glass. It will stand out.

Regarding the height, remember the confusion in the media reports about its height. I assumed that it would be close to the height of the 30 story res. tower 99 West, because it was a 26 story hotel with 3 or 4 tall levels of convention floors. I think the height is great.

Also, did anyone notice that the address they placed on the front cover is completely wrong? South Temple W200S

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