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Originally Posted by Makid View Post
A few things:

1. The hotel is limited by the 375' max height for the overlay zone. This forced the hotel to be wider than originally desired. The County had wanted a slimmer, taller building but the City wanted to limit the height. The hotel is still required to go through CBDR for approval but with the State and County pushing as well as the City, it is unlikely that any changes will be coming to the overall design.
2. Hotel operator and flag was listed sometime late 2017 or early 2018 to be Intercontinental.
3. The goal is to have the approvals come quickly so that a contractor and workers can be locked in as soon as possible. With the construction market being tight, the sooner things can get moving, the less labor will ultimately cost.
4. The Cinemark is a possible addition for the Arrow Press Square hotel (details below).

Just to note, there is still a possible 2nd phase at the north location that would include a residential component as well an additional hotel tower. It will be contingent on the increase in conventions/meetings and how the APS hotel complex turns out.

Speaking on APS, last I heard it is planned to include the previously mentioned theater, 500-700 rooms and include at least 1 residential building (15 to 20 stories). Construction isn't expected to start until 2022 or 2023 at the earliest. This may change now that the plans for the CCH have been released.
Thanks for the info Makid. This is such a huge deal for the city. There are no less than three large scale projects with hotel components that were stalled because everybody, including the banks, where waiting for the CCH shoe to drop. It's the ultimate catalytic project. I'm pleasantly surprised by the design. I just wish SLC would codify width like many hear have suggested. This thing will cast a huge shadow.
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