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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
I dunno about flight routings... but if you want to see better food/retail options at MSY (it's pretty crappy right now), they're doing a customer survey.

It's kinda hidden on their website, so I'm probably the only one who's actually completed it...

It would be nice if anybody who takes the survey asks for some small performance spaces in the airport. If New Orleans is all about the music and the culture, that should be represented authentically, and not printed on a t-shirt in some tawdry gift shop. As far as I know, that would be a unique amenity among airports in the US. The airport is named after Satchmo for chrissake...
I took the survey already so your prolly only the second person to do it...

BTW heard from a very good source that Trump will be making a big announcement today in regards to his building on Poydras... think height in the four digits!!!!
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