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I think Sapphire turned out to be an unattractive building. It doesn't look like the gem that the render promised it to be. Kanyon, and the Levent Loft lowrises, and a few buildings in Maslak are nice but aside from that the architecture isn't that ground breaking. There are also a lot of twin towers in Istanbul which can be okay but when there are so many of them it gets really old.

I'm surprised you walked around Maslak since the sidewalk / street pattern there is a mess. I'm surprised that the municipality still hasn't done a complete overhaul of roads and sidewalks in the area if it wants to be taken seriously as a business hub. In comparison, it's easy to walk around in Levent or any of the business clusters on the Asian side.

There are also three major projects under-construction in your pictures. Zorlu Tower, Faco Tower, and Ă–zdilek Plaza. When they're completed in a few years it will be interesting to see how the Levent skyline will benefit from their presence.
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