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50 West Fourth Apartments:
An update, taken 7-14-2014, for this apartments and retail project. I'm guessing they will custom order new replacement windows for this building?


Winston Mutual Insurance Building: BUILT
Renovation work is completed on this mid-century modern structure and the building will open "almost" fully leased. There is still about 6,000 square feet available. If you're interested in space in this building: (336) 724-1715. The city is conducting preliminary work to get the Winston Mutual Building on the National Register of Historic Places. They also plan to designate it as a local historic landmark, which should provide tax savings. Winston Mutual was an African-American owned insurance company and a developer in the city. If I remember correctly, they developed an upscale African-American neighborhood in the city in the 1920s, called Alta Vista, as an example of their development work.

Engineering Office
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Old Dominion Headquarters:
Old Dominion will expand their headquarters so they can double their total number of employees in the office to over 1,100. I'm just guessing this will expand their office building to over 300,000 square feet? Old Dominion is a $2.4 billion (revenue) headquarters and employs over 15,000 people nationwide.

1814 Salt-Flax House:
Time for an update on the restoration of this 200 year old house. According to the contractor, the house was built in 1814. Thank you to Wilson-Covington for sharing these updates.

Installing new floor joists:


New foundation (they will waterproof the basement!):


Did this house have tube and knob wiring?

Foothills Brewing:
Foothills Brewing will soon start work on a second tap room and create an indoor/outdoor destination for beer tourists. The destination will include an area for food trucks, live music and bocce ball. The brewery is also starting a running club. Foothills is among the most popular breweries in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Beer tourists will be able to tour the brewery, taste different beers at the tap room, play games and more. Walter Robbs is the architect and no general contractor is selected at this time. The project will be completed by first quarter 2015.The brewery is also adding several additional 300-barrel fermenters next week.

LDSI Office and New Jobs:
A land surveying company has opened an office in the Winston-Salem area and they are hiring. LDSI specializes in commercial and residential surveying, GIS, and underground utility locating work.

Plant 64:
Indoor basketball court inside Plant 64's Power Plant. This should open at the end of next week?

Credit: Plant 64 Apartments

Painting work is finished at Plant 64's water tower.

Originally Posted by rmhpmi @ WSTB
Krispy Kreme 77th Birthday Party:
I noticed their birthday party was held in the Brookstown Neighborhood, at the former railyard. Are the street festivals expanding to this area or did Winston-Salem have too many festivals/events to hold this in CBD? Winston-Salem is actually gaining national recognition for its ability to, as they say, stack festivals/events in a single day. This past weekend had a variety of things to do, from Second Sundays to Pole Vaulting in the Streets to Krispy Kreme's Birthday Party to a farmers' market to Summer on Trade to the Downtown Jazz Series. Talk about a busy weekend of events! So many great reasons to invest in downtown or move downtown.

Krispy Kreme's Birthday Party is an international event. The people below are from Cyprus, Sweden, and Albania:

Credit: Krispy Kreme

I love the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Station (background of photograph above)! It's now offices and a restaurant space.

I think Krispy Kreme has more restaurants in other countries than they have in the United States, so I guess it's not unusual to see people travel from other countries to attend this event?

Krispy Kreme Birthday Party in Brookstown Neighborhood:

Credit: Krispy Kreme

Pole Vaulting in the Streets:
Winston-Salem has many street closing festivals. One of the more interesting of these festivals is Pole Vaulting in the Streets. This event takes place from 10 in the morning until late at night. They have nice crowds for this event. It's now on my list of events I would like to see.



Credit: Camino Bakery

Innovation Quarter:
It does appear as if a big announcement will be made later this morning. Someone at WSTB, who works in the IQ District, said we could hear news today the downtown medical school will start construction in possibly a few weeks.
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