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Originally Posted by koops65 View Post
Let's clear a few things up first. My use of the term Manhattanized was in the context of tall buildings, and dense city building too. Don't be deluded into thinking I consider Toronto on par with NYC when it comes to ALL of the parameters involved with being a great city. I'm being very much a "height" guy on this issue.
But there are a few things that Toronto does very much like New York, that are obvious to even the ordinary citizen, such as building tall towers all over the place... it's in the news quite often, it's become the new normal in fact.

Nobody can predict the future. It has yet to be determined if the Toronto that's being built now is sustainable or not. Far more than new buildings are being constructed.

Quality... while I certainly like seeing a well built skyscraper, I have to take the good with the bad, just like everyone else. I'm LAZY about showing up for community issues, always have been. Besides voting in Federal elections, I have never gone to local schools, churches, community centres, or whatever, for local matters of interest. And don't bother to single me out, since only a very small percent of the population actually does show up for these things. I'm part of the vast majority when it comes to "city building"...
You, and others who care more than the rest of us, will show up for local projects, and speak your piece, cast your vote, etc... congrats for being involved...
Most of Manhattan--especially the desirable areas--is under 10 storeys.
I'd rather be homeless than live in a condo...but I do like watching attractive ones get Woodwards, 42 in Waterloo, and anything by Daoust/Saucier+Perotte/Nomade/aA/Teeple
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