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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Secluded beaches aren't necessarily immune from that kind of thing. Cattle farm runoff and Winnipeg sewage overflows can end up in the Red River which empties out into Lake Winnipeg where people swim. Granted the amounts are probably trivial in the grand scheme of things, but sort of people who would dry-heave at the thought of swimming in the Red River are essentially doing that when they take a dip at Gimli, Grand Beach and Victoria Beach.
Winnipeg is seeing algal blooms in recent years, but hopefully the work being done to mitigate them pays off. Beyond that, it's pretty rare for the beaches there to have pollution issues. Yeah, the Red dumps into the south end, but it's pretty damned diluted by the time it reaches any of the major beaches.

Does anyone track "beach closure notices" or the like (not sure what the exact term I'm looking for is)? I'd be curious to see how often the beaches in this country are closed due to pollution etc.
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