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Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
Aren't immigrants, as defined, only the first generation in Canada?
I assume, but am not sure, that Immigrant refers to someone born in another country who now lives here, First Generation is the child of such an immigrant born here and living here, and Second Generation is a child of that First Generation person.

So those stats for my postal code I interpret as:

8.5% immigrant - born in another country, but living right here.
15.5% are First Generation - the child of at least one immigrant.
5.1% are Second Generation - people who are very conscious of the fact one or more grandparents came here from another country; I would expect them to be visible minorities or separatists being cheeky. IE I could say I'm a second generation Canadian, as my parents were born in Canada, but 3/4 grandparents (and most of my aunts/uncles) were born in an independent Newfoundland.
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