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Originally Posted by UTPlanner View Post
How can I call myself a planner? Which one of us is actually employed as a planner? Which one of us has years of experience as a planner?

There is a time to be idealistic and there is a time to be a realist. I make the right choices in my life because I think they are the right choices. I will certainly always recommend the right decisions when I am asked in my job but I will always leave the decisions up to our elected leaders (my bosses).

I won't let you get to me because you're just a kid. Your immature attitude is obvious in each of your posts. Talk to me in about 10 years. I have a feeling you won't be singing the same song.

Just remember that those in life that are seeking acceptance from the world and society should not be the ones to not accept others and their ideas.
Here is an excerpt from a paper I wrote last semester:

"Is it unrealistic to be idealistic? This question came about after a classmate told me that one of her professors told her she was being too idealistic. This professor has been in the planning field for a while and apparently has become very “realistic.” This scared me, and I wondered if I was doomed to the same outlook. I wondered if I could stand up to the seemingly acceptable standard of mediocrity. Then I realized that my understanding of ethics in planning, however meager it may be, will never allow me to lose my passion for how things ought to be, rather than giving into a “this is reality, this is how things are” attitude.

Now to answer the question, it is unrealistic not to be idealistic? The ideal scenario is brought about by the answering of ethical questions. Therefore, it would be unethical not to be idealistic."
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