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Originally Posted by urbanboy View Post
I think it's a little different in this case T-Mac. Yes, I think the best way to be educated is by getting hands on training in the field. However, when you understand systems whether its the environment, a community, or the individual, and how they affect each other, and realize both the ethical implications behind them, and the consequences of being irresponsible within them, then you see that its more complicated and serious, making it unethical to say: Here's the real world, or here's your real education, when what is currently being done is irresponsible.
I can see your point Urbanboy, but I would also like to see what you have to say in 10 years after you have left school. In the search to provide a living for your family, you have to take the ideal and give it a back seat to reality. I'm not saying to throw it out the window but take what you learn so that when you are in a position to make changes, you can. Sometimes, it's baby steps that can be accepted by people and not huge changes. I think that people hate to change the status quo. We all get caught in our own comfort zones and it can be very difficult to get out of them especially when you try to do it for the masses.
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